Real Estate Videos

In the highly competitive real estate market, it’s not always easy to distinguish yourself from other vendors and brokers. But with a real estate video in HD, you will set yourself apart from the rest. Linkman works with cutting edge video technology to make real estate videos that truly impress.

We offer different types of virtual walkthroughs:


A Steadicam is a special kind of camera, operated by a Steadicam operator, that allows for fluent ‘walking recordings’. This results in a unique and smooth HD video production that truly focuses the viewer’s attention on the property. 


The Octocam is a flying camera for spectacular arial views in HD. Octocam images are truly amazing in that they show the surroundings of the property and they will give your video an extra premium feel.

Commercial Real Estate videos

Our video approach is also a great sales tool for commercial real estate projects. Service flats, hotels, retail projects like shopping mals, industrial buildings... 

This video is a sales tool for Sint Jacobsmarkt in Turnhout (Belgium). 

3D animation

Are you selling a property that is yet to be built? No problem: we can produce a professional 3D animated video to show to potential buyers. When actual viewing of a house is impossible, a 3D HD animated video is the closest you can get!

Watch more videos on our real estate channel on Vimeo